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Are you ready to walk the healing spiral of your life and connect to the Divine Feminine in you?

Are you ready to walk the healing spiral of your life and connect to the Divine Feminine in you?

Have you noticed recurring patterns in your life and wonder why the same things keep happening to you even though the people and situations around you seem to be changing? It can feel like no matter how many times you move into either a different relationship or change your career that you feel exactly the same way, depleted, disappointed and maybe even disturbed.

We have all been there.

I understand where you are Goddess, as I’ve been there many times before. I noticed myself asking “why is this happening to me” and blaming the outside world for my problems.

It’s ok to feel like this and act like this though. Some people and places in the world are truly depleting, disappointing and disturbing but that doesn’t mean we have to feel that way. At one point we must recognize shift our attention and intention from the three dimensional world, or what you may can the outside world or surface reality, and begin focusing our attention and intentions within. This gives us great authority over our lives as we begin to recognize that everything happening outside of us is actually being created from within.

When this shift happens, we step into our Goddess nature. We become the creatrix of our life and our beautiful divine destiny.

If you are reading this right now I know that the Goddess within you is yearning to be present and embodied. It is yearning to shine it’s gifts onto the world. Believe it or not, you have many gifts and talents to offer, no matter how you see yourself; ugly, fat, too skinny, not sexy, unworthy, full of pimples, full of cellulite, lacking talent, a bad dancer etc.

The goddess energy has nothing to do with any of the attributes you think it does.

It has nothing to do with your appearance.

Or how high or wide the tone of voice can sing.

Or how well you can mimic the choreography of a dance.

The goddess energy is within each and every one of us.

It is an embodiment.

It is an energy.

Energy does not have a name, or a face, or a body, it just is pure love and light.

You are pure love and light, goddess!

Walk the spiral of your life and surrender to the healing process that is taking place for you now. The Universe is your Palace, Queen! Honour your spiritual authority and claim your spiritual birthright! Your divine destiny is already with you because what you are seeking, is seeking you!

I am elated to be on this journey with you.

Subscribe to our Goddess boxes today and begin the journey of harmonizing the goddess within.

Harmonize Goddess, we need you now more than ever.


Tania xo

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