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Heal and Embrace Your Inner Child


For World Suicide Prevention day, I thought I would take the time to honour and embrace our inner child, the one who wants to know is loved and embraced, supported and cared for.

Like most of us in our younger years, I was bullied. But this story stems deeper than that.

Bullying can be classified as anything from name calling, judging, putting people down, negative feedback, embarrassing others purposefully, physical tormenting and/or taunting others. These are all deemed as “normal” things to experience when growing up by most of us. Interestingly enough, bullying awareness only became “a thing” in 2008 and that’s only 13 years ago. So, why am I pointing this out? Well, if awareness around bullying only came into our consciousness recently, image the decades of children bullying and tormenting each other. And now imagine all of these children growing up to be hurt and tormented adults living their everyday lives but subconsciously holding all the hurt and pain they’ve collected over the years only to hurt more people because they haven’t actually awakened and dealt with the hurt they have been holding on to. (That was a mouth full – haha), but the saying wisely goes “hurt people, hurt people” – and the cycle continues.

Tracing back to being bullied when I was younger – because I was bullied I went through faking feeling sick to not go to school, to later in my young adult life forming a deep amount of anxiety that my body would freeze for hours, I wouldn’t eat, I didn’t like my body, or my face or my personality. I developed a huge amount of imposter syndrome. I allowed people to walk all over me. I got into abusive relationships. I tolerated behaviour that clearly did not serve me. I was not whole. I was fragmented. I allowed the outside world determine who I was going to be, how I was going to be. I was not free to be me, spontaneous, creative, alive, thriving, robust, dynamic, loving, caring. I actually closed myself to the abundance of the universe because I thought I was not deserving. I even became suicidal because it felt easier to leave my body than to deal with the hurt and pain.

What I learned from all of this is that in order for us to heal and come back to our wholeness- we must take the time to revisit our inner child and heal the parts of us that haven’t come to the light. Most times, all it takes is a softening and so to honour our inner child and our healing journey, I have recorded a meditation that will help you connect with that beautiful being in you who is yearning to spend time with you. They want to show you something and they just need some time for you to hold their hand, hug them and love them.

Enjoy this 10 minute guided meditation and give your inner child some deep and deserving love.

I love you, Goddess – the healing starts here. When we retrieve our soul pieces and become whole, we are unstoppable and when we heal, we not only heal ourselves but for generations to come.

Harmonize Goddess, we need you.

With love,


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